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Welcome to the Global Diabetes Journal Club (GDJC) website! We aim to sustain a collegial, accessible platform for diabetes researchers, health care providers and the public to connect and learn about recent research across nutritional, clinical and genetic epidemiology as they apply to diabetes. We are committed to supporting early-career researchers interested in diabetes epidemiology. Our members have joined GDJC meetings from 6 continents.

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Upcoming GDJC talk

September 2022 - Jakub Morze, PhD student - Metabolomics and type 2 diabetes

Further details will come soon.

Latest GDJC Talk

August 2022 - Daniela Nickel, PhD student - Healthy food diversity and risk of chronic diseases

Daniela Nickel, MSc, is a PhD student at the German Institute of Human Nutrition Potsdam-Rehbruecke and investigates psychological and social determinants of healthy food diversity.

Healthy food diversity is a metric trying to capture both diet quality, here determined by the German Dietary Guidelines, and the diversity of the diet, eating different types of food.

The results presented in this presentation are preliminary results and may change according to further analyses.

After the recording the presentation we discussed the possibility of separating the diet quality and the diversity aspects to understand how each concept relate to development of chronic diseases.


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